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Dec 02, 2021

Warm Winter Wishes Returns in 2021

On Thursday December 2nd, Strathcona CPC staff and Volunteers with help from our Vancouver Police partners, delivered 300 winter safety packages to some of the neighbourhoods most vulnerable. 

Volunteers hand packed the 300 packages on Tuesday November 30th. Each resusable backpack contains:

* 1 Toque, 

* 1 pair of winter gloves, 

* 1 rain poncho

* 2 pairs of socks

* 2 packs of hand warmers

* 1 lip balm

* 1 Chocolate bar

Packages were distributed with the help from three partner organizations in Strathcona. The Lookout Shelter at Al Mitchell Place, WISH Drop in Centre, and through the Oppenheimer Park Outreach team. Each organization received 100 packages to distribute to their members/clients. As a big thank you and to recognize the hard work of the staff and volunteers of those organizations a large gift basket was also provided full of goodies. 

Safety means different things to different people. At this time of year the Strathcona Community Policing Centre wanted to emphasize physical and mental safety by helping to ensure people are kept warm and dry over the cold winter months. 

Stay tune for the highlight video on all of our social channels!