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May 13, 2022

Strathcona CPC assists with disaster drills at Japanese Language School

Your Strathcona CPC has been busy lending a hand to our neighbours at the Japanese Language school. Every year, the SCPC sends our foot patrol teams to assist their day care program with their disaster drills. Our volunteers take the lead (and sometimes take the hands of the eager kids) as the kids and teachers follow their disaster drill route from the school and all the way to the muster point at Beautiful Oppenheimer Park. 

Childcare manager Mitsuru said "Thank you so much for helping us with these drills. We feel so much more secure and safe when you are around."

Strathcona CPC patrollers interacted with the kids, ensured safe crossing at roadways and generally watched out for dangerous activity in the area. 

Disaster drills have successfully been attended Thursday May 12 and Friday May 13 and will be completed with their final drills on Saturday May 14. 

"This program is so much fun to participate in. I don't typically get out for patrols, but I made a point of donning the jacket for this one. Going for a walk under the cherry blossoms with those kids and knowing they feel safer with us around is a tremendous way to start a day", said Executive Director Dan Turvill.