The Strathcona CPC delivers crime prevention and safety programs plus a wide range of services to the residents, businesses, and agencies throughout the Strathcona catchment area. These programs and services are delivered through the efforts of trained volunteers and supported by CPC staff. The CPC provides ongoing volunteer training opportunities in partnership with the VPD and other service providers.

Front Office: Community assistance, information and referrals

Address residents’ day-to-day crime and safety concerns and promote crime prevention
Report writing and assisting with citizens’ complaints
Assisting citizens with referrals to appropriate agencies and facilitating connections to the agencies and/or the VPD
Work closely with citizens to follow up on civic related complaints and issues such as graffiti, abandoned vehicles, garbage, and damaged public property.
Accepting found property and processing it to the VPD’s Property Office.

Foot and Bike Patrols

A core group of volunteers are trained to recognize the symptoms of someone overdosing and how to administer naloxone.
Volunteers are trained to identify suspicious or criminal activity in a safe, non-confrontational manner
Build relationships with the community, respond to questions, give referrals, help connect the homeless to services.
Reporting community concerns to the CPC and potentially serious situations to the VPD.
Identify and report abandoned and stolen vehicles
Distributing crime prevention information

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)

CPTED Research has shown that systematic removal of litter and graffiti can greatly reduce crime, vandalism and mischief.
• Target Hardening Property Reviews: The Neighbourhood Police Officer (NPO) is available for site visits to residential and business properties. The NPO will assess the properties vulnerability and make recommendations to enhance the safety and security of the property. This service is available for residents and businesses in the Strathcona catchment area. An appointment must be booked through the CPC.
• Community clean-ups and graffiti removal
• Community Murals: In recognition of the richness and diversity of arts community in Strathcona the CPC will help plan and facilitate community murals in public spaces.

Schedule for regular community cleanups and graffiti paint outs will be announced later in 2018.
If you have a group or school interested in doing a neighbourhood community cleanup, please contact the CPC and we will provide the equipment and support.

CPTED activities such as cleanups and community murals are group activities anyone can participate in and cultivate a sense of pride in ones’ neighbourhood.

Schedule for regular clean-ups and graffiti paint outs to be announced later in 2018.

Road Safety Programs

The purpose is to increase safety for all road users, drivers, passengers, pedestrians and cyclists. These programs are run in partnership with the Vancouver Police Department, The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia and the community to address local road safety concerns.

Speed Watch

Using radar equipment and a lighted digital board, to show vehicles their speed, volunteers promote awareness of the importance of driving slowly through speed sensitive areas such as schools, parks and playgrounds.

Speed Watch statistics are used to assess the need for the police to enforce the speed limit or for the City of Vancouver to introduce traffic calming in specific locations.

If you have a concern about excessive speeding or unsafe driving at specific locations, please bring it to the attention of the CPC. Working together we can help make the community safer.

Distracted Driving

Pedestrian Safety
Working in partnership with ICBC, volunteers distribute pedestrian safety reflectors to children and families walking to school and to pedestrians at busy intersections with high foot traffic.

Project 529 Garage

In partnership with the Vancouver Police Department, Project 529 Garage is a bike registration and recovery digital registration program to reduce bike theft in the City of Vancouver.
The CPC will register your bike for free. Please call to book an appointment. Phone#