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Speed Watch Training

Volunteers were trained for speed watch by Paul Goodman from ICBC on Sunday, September 23, in order to show vehicles their speed and promote awareness of the importance of driving slowly through speed sensitive areas.

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Strathcona CPC Grand Opening

Strathcona Community Policing Centre’s Grand Opening

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Strathcona CPC Opening Hours

The current opening hours for the Strathcona CPC are:

MONDAY 11 am – 6 pm
TUESDAY 11 am – 6 pm
WEDNESDAY 11 am – 6 pm
THURSDAY 11 am – 6 pm
FRIDAY 10 am – 4 pm
SUNDAY closed
Holidays closed

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Back 2 School Community Clean Up

Strathcona CPC and VACPC teamed up and hosted a community cleanup, where volunteers went around the neighbourhood with equipment provided by KVS, creating a cleaner community.

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529 Garage

Strathcona CPC volunteers along with volunteers from Hastings Sunrise CPC and Grandview Woodland CPC spent a busy afternoon registering bikes into the 529 Garage database on the Union Street Bike Path.

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5th Annual Soapbox Derby

The 5th annual Soapbox Derby, for local children and youth was organized and delivered in partnership with VPD, VCC and Ray-Cam Cooperative Centre. The NASKARZ (Never Again Steal Cars) program, which addresses youth and gang crime through mentorship and positive relationships, was involved as well. Participants squeezed into a variety of custom-built, motorless, improvised vehicles, trying to be the best racers on the track while raising money for NASKARZ.

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Pancake Breakfast

The NPO, Constable Janine Tanino and the Strathcona CPC sponsored a pancake breakfast for the Raymur Housing complex to kick off their mural project.

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Pride Parade

Strathcona CPC and its volunteers attended the 40th Annual Pride Parade to show support for LGBTQ+ community on behalf of VPD. Volunteers marched in the parade handing out VPD fans and engaging with the community. Volunteers also got time to engage with members from other CPC’s and various agencies such as E-COMM. At the end of the parade, Strathcona CPC volunteers took a group picture of VPD and CPC members. Strathcona CPC volunteers even had the chance to meet and engage with Vancouver Police Department Chief Constable Adam Palmer.

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Union Gospel Mission’s BBQ / Family Fun Day at MacLean Park

Strathcona CPC volunteers joined UGM volunteers to help out wherever they were needed; serving water along the line to keep people hydrated, doing cleanup of the park and help serving meals to families

The UGM served 3,490 meals to the public and 125 volunteers participated in the event.

Children from Strathcona Community Centre’s day camps along with neighbourhood residents and their families were at MacLean Park for the festivities. Jenny Kwan, MP, Vancouver East, provided lunch for everyone.

Strathcona CPC volunteers helped set up and serve over 200 meals to children and residents. SCPC volunteers also had a mini POPAT (Police Officers Physical Aptitude Test) set up for kids to challenge themselves and to promote physical fitness.











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Union Street Block Party

Strathcona CPC staff and volunteers had a great time at the Union Street Block Party. They provided information about the CPC. Volunteers answered questions from the public and had lots of stickers for the kids. Constable Thomas Nguyen from Grandview-Woodland CPC joined the party. Neighbourhood children were thrilled with the opportunity to explore Constable Nguyen’s police car. There was lots of good food, music and camaraderie.


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Movie Night in MacLean Park

Approximately 130 kids and parents enjoyed the Kung Fu Panda movie. The NPO, Constable Janine Tanino and Strathcona CPC volunteers along with UGM volunteers did a clean up and the NPO and volunteers joined with kids for a soccer game. Constable Tanino opened up her police vehicle for children to explore.

Collingwood CPC volunteers provided the equipment and set up for the movie and even brought bags of popcorn for everyone. A big thank you to Partap and all the Collingwood volunteers for making it possible for families to have a fun, free movie night in the park. There was lots of laughter in the park over the on-screen antics of the Panda.

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2nd Annual Strathcona Mural Festival

Strathcona CPC volunteers had fun participating in the mural festival with a community art project for children. They also had plenty of stickers on hand. The Junior Detective Badge was a big hit.

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Reconciliation in Action at Strathcona Community Centre

During the Reconciliation in Action event, hosted at Strathcona Community Centre, volunteers from Strathcona CPC provided Child Find services to the attendees. In total, SCPC Volunteers help create “All About Me” Child ID Booklets for 33 children. Thanks to Child Find BC for their generous support, supplying all the materials needed to create a unique booklet for each child.

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Union Gospel Summer Connect

Strathcona CPC had a booth at Summer Connect, hosted by UGM. The Neighbourhood Police Officer (NPO) Constable Janine Tanino and CPC volunteers answered queries from the public, listened to resident’s concerns and handed out stickers to kids. It was a great opportunity to meet area residents and connect with other service providers.

Thank you to the Union Gospel Mission for including the SCPC in their Summer Connect!

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Keep Vancouver Spectacular (KVS)

For the Strathcona CPC’s First Event, we partnered with the City of Vancouver’s KVS program to do a giant neighbourhood cleanup. Strathcona CPC volunteers were joined by Vancouver Police Cadets, Union Gospel Missions Alumni and Program Residents, Strathcona Community Centre’s Youth Basketball Program members and neighbourhood residents. A total of 75 people participated and collected 147 bags of trash. The event was wrapped up with a BBQ provided by the Strathcona CPC and KVS. Brian Wong from KVS BBQed 93 hot dogs. A big thanks to all the participants and Brian and the KVS team for all their support for the event.