What We Do


An active community is a safe community. The Strathcona Community Policing Centre involves local citizens in partnership with the police, working together to create crime prevention and safety programs and foster community engagement right here in the neighbourhood.

The Strathcona CPC delivers crime prevention and safety programs plus a wide range of services to the residents, businesses, and agencies throughout the Strathcona catchment area. These programs and services are delivered through the efforts of trained volunteers and supported by CPC staff. The CPC provides ongoing volunteer training opportunities in partnership with the VPD and other service providers.

Opening Hours:

Monday:        10 am – 6 pm
Tuesday:        10 am – 6 pm
Wednesday:  10 am – 6 pm
Thursday:      10 am – 6 pm
Friday:           10 am – 4 pm
Saturday:       closed
Sunday:          closed
Holidays:       closed

View real-time neighbourhood crime reporting on the Vancouver Police Department’s GeoDash Crime Map

News + Events

Speed Watch Training

Speed Watch Training

Volunteers were trained for speed watch by Paul Goodman from ICBC on Sunday, September 23, in order to show vehicles their speed and promote awareness of the importance of driving slowly through speed sensitive areas ... Read More
Strathcona CPC Grand Opening

Strathcona CPC Grand Opening

Strathcona Community Policing Centre’s Grand Opening ... Read More
Strathcona CPC Opening Hours

Strathcona CPC Opening Hours

The current opening hours for the Strathcona CPC are: MONDAY 11 am – 6 pm TUESDAY 11 am – 6 pm WEDNESDAY 11 am – 6 pm THURSDAY 11 am – 6 pm FRIDAY 10 am – 4 pm SATURDAY 10 am – 4 pm SUNDAY closed Holidays closed ... Read More
Back 2 School Community Clean Up

Back 2 School Community Clean Up

Strathcona CPC and VACPC teamed up and hosted a community cleanup, where volunteers went around the neighbourhood with equipment provided by KVS, creating a cleaner community ... Read More

About Us

Our Mission

To champion safety and wellbeing in Strathcona through volunteer programs and services that offer meaningful opportunities to contribute to the community.

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The Strathcona Community Policing Centre (Strathcona CPC) is a registered nonprofit society, governed by an independent community-based board, that operates in coordination with the Vancouver Police Department and other community agencies. Read More

Volunteer in Your Community!

Find out how you can help make it better. We offer a wide range of volunteer opportunities from assisting the public in the office, to foot patrol, safety outreach and speed watch. Click here to fill out an application.

Catchment Area

The Strathcona CPC services the area bordered by the Waterfront to the north and the False Creek Flats to the south, west of Clark Drive and east of Chinatown. Click on the map for details.

Safety and Support


To make our community a safer place, report ALL crimes occurring in the Strathcona neighbourhood to both the Vancouver Police and the Strathcona CPC.

Call 911 immediately to report a serious crime, including a crime in progress or one that might be about to happen.
– Call VPD non-emergency at 604-717-3321 for crimes that are not emergencies.
– Call the Strathcona CPC at 604-559-9380 and tell us what you have reported to police.

We also want to hear safety complaints and concerns that you might not consider worth reporting directly to police. We record all concerns and make them available to our Neighbourhood Police Officer. This ensures that crime trends for the Strathcona area are accurately reflected in VPD statistics and allocation of police resources. Also, CPC volunteers can provide community resource information and organize Volunteer Patrols in areas where criminal activity has increased.

The VPD also provides an internet site for on-line citizen reporting at www.vpd.ca to report minor property crime under $5,000. You will get a file number, but the incident will not be investigated. These incidents should be reported to the CPC as well.


Working together we can help build a safer, stronger neighborhood in Strathcona.

Volunteers come from a wide variety of backgrounds, skill sets, education, and ages but all have one thing in common — they are interested in making a difference in the Strathcona Community.

The Strathcona CPC takes pride in the diversity and talents of its volunteers. CPC volunteers are self-directed and choose which programs or activities in which they want to participate to fulfill their 4-hour minimum per month commitment.

Ready to volunteer? Please join us! Fill out a volunteer pre-application online to schedule an appointment.

*Can’t commit to 4 hours per month or do not meet the requirements to volunteer? Ask about our Participant and Youth Volunteers program. Participant and youth volunteers are not required to have a Criminal Record Check. 

Questions? – Please email us at volunteercoordinator@strathconacpc.ca


18 years of age or older

Willing to consent to and pass a VPD criminal record check

Able to converse and write in English

Available to work at minimum of 4 hours a month


Satisfaction – help make the community safer and better

Networking – develop professional and community contacts

New skills – receive training from the VPD and opportunities to attend workshops and seminars hosted by the VPD. Ongoing training will be provided by the Strathcona CPC.

Work experience – letter of reference after three months

A chance to give back to the community

Community Partners